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Nature's Best Firewood

Trujillo's Firewood has been serving San Bernardino County for over 18 years as a leading firewood company that stocks environmentally friendly and renewable firewood. A safe non-harmful material that will keep your family warm all year round.

Guaranteed to keep you warm without burning money away with the cost of gas and electric heaters. Why drain your pockets on utilities, burn firewood instead. It's natural, safe, and proven efficient. Our measurements are specifically designed for storage and safe heating.

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY (760) 780-1049

That's right. We offer Free delivery within the High Dessert. Trujillo's Firewood valued customers get to choose your choice of Wood Tree specially cut, seasoned, and ready to burn!

Wood Choices

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  • Eucalyptus
  • Redwood
  • Oak
  • Mixed
  • Half of Full Cords


Trujillo's Firewood Bobcat service cleans yards, remove trees, concrete, and dirt to assist with yard waste or destruction due to weather damage. We'll handle the burden. Why shop elsewhere? Trujillo's Firewood is your firewood supplier with all your favorite wood burning items and services. We are conveniently located in Baldy Mesa, minutes from highway 15.

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